Our Farm

Our Family

Majer Family Farms was started 3 years ago with the goal of showing my sons what’s possible when you work hard and put your mind to something. As we grow, the experience’s we share throughout this journey will lay a positive foundation for years to come.

Fun on the Farm

Working on the farm and having the boys enjoy being children gives you a great opportunity to take the time step back and watch them grow. From building tree forts, wagon rides, putting up zip lines, or just out exploring makes all the hard work worth it.


Growing Peppers

All the Hot Peppers we use for our spices and salts are grown right here at the farm.

We believe in organic and sustainable growing practices!

Bee Hives

We started Beekeeping in 2018 and currently have four producing hives at the farm. Always learning, adjusting, and giving our bee’s the best opportunity to thrive in healthy productive hives. 


Farm Photos