Spread compost



Lay out drip lines



Following last years great results we brought in another  load of Organic Compost adding additional nutrients into the ground for our Hot Pepper Plants.  

Spread out and tilled in giving us a great start for the 2020 season. 

Plastic Mulch and Drip Tape for irrigation are laid out prior to planting. 

Plant 8 week old starter plants and our season has begun.

Spices & Salts


Picking peppers


Wash peppers


Dehydrate the peppers


Grind & packaged

Irrigation Technology


If you are irrigating your fields and you want to reduce your water usage and improve your overall crop health and increase production, farmers like you are using technological moisture monitoring systems. Also with soil types varying from field to field, it is hard to determine the soil moisture profile without some sort of moisture content tool. Today’s moisture monitoring systems provide a
solution, but most moisture monitoring systems have typically been costly and out of reach for most small farmers. My company, AKI Power Technology, has created an economical moisture monitoring system bringing a comprehensive monitoring solution that can add value to the smallest of farms. Our system provides small and large scale farmers with real-time actionable soil data that can help farmers manage their irrigation needs in the most economical way.

AKI’s moisture monitoring system collects the soil moisture content at different depths every 6 hours and uses Verizon and AT&T cellular technology to transmit and the collected soil data to our servers. Our farmers use their mobile phones to access to this moisture data, so they can make the right irrigation or tilling
decisions in real time. A self contained AKI monitoring system can monitor up to 4 soil moisture sensors at different soil depths while its internal battery is being recharged with a local solar panel. Our Farmers, using our technology will be able to view their soil moisture, along with field temperatures and humidity on personal computer or mobile phone.

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