• Chris Majer

Argus Farm Stop

Our great line up of Spices, Infused Sea Salts and Habanero Honey are now available at Argus Farm Stop in Ann Arbor. Great store, great people, great staff, and were very excited to be part of it.

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Father Day Specials

Hope everyone is doing well, had a great weekend getting the rest of the pumpkins in the ground. Planted 1300 Hot Peppers this season to include Jalapeno, Cayenne, Super Red Chili, Ghost and Habanero.

Monthly Specials

Hope Everyone is doing well, we'll be running these current specials throughout the month of March. Infused Sea Salt Crate : $24.99 Habanero Infused Sea Salt 2oz Jars : $6.99 All 1oz Infused Sea Salts